Infertility is a frustrating and emotionally draining condition which is experienced by one in eight couples. Having children is central to many couples sense of fulfillment and sometimes the inability to have a child feels like “failure”. Infertility is no one’s fault and can usually be treated.

We believe that emotional support is as important as medical treatment and we work closely with couples to help them deal with the challenges of infertility. Our staff, several of whom were infertility patients, has years of clinical experience helping couples. We allow time for personal attention, patient education, and questions. Our patient surveys speak to the care and compassion shown by the entire staff.

The board certified infertility specialist you choose will perform a detailed evaluation and follow you throughout treatment. Your husband will also be evaluated because male infertility is present in over half of couples. You will see your specialist at most visits, and if IVF is needed, he will perform all of the procedures.

Many women will conceive with medications or a combination of medication and intrauterine insemination (IUI). If you need IVF, we have an outstanding program. Our infertility specialists and embryologists have years of experience and we have a nurse practitioner dedicated to our IVF couples. The IVF laboratory is crucial to success and ours is “state of the art”.

We hope you will allow us the honor of helping you have the child of your dreams. Review the website to learn what sets Reproductive Care Center apart from other clinics. We welcome your phone calls.